A History Of Roller Skating

Published: 06th October 2008
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To roller skate you need a pair of skates. Roller skates are a shoe boot with wheels that you wear for roller skating.

The very first time skates were known to be used, was in London during a stage performance. The first roller skates invented, were invented by John-Joseph Merlin, in 1760. as an in-line type design that sported metal wheels. Roller skates were patented by M. Petitbled in 1819 first, and then, in 1863, a man from New York City, James Leonard Plimpton, after years of skate designs meant to improve upon the first patented pair, created the four-wheeled turning roller skate, or quad skate. These skates were so successful that in 1866 a public skating rink was opened in Newport, Rhode Island. Other skate designers followed creating new designs for wheels and toe stops along with mass production and more patents.

By the 1880's mass production of roller skates was occurring in the United States, along with the kingbolt mechanism for quad skates and steel ball bearings in the wheels, for smooth handling. Also, roller skating was recognized as a pleasurable pastime as well as a sport. Since 1898 the design of the quad skate for roller skating has remained basically unchanged.

Roller skating can also be done with inline skates, which are different than quad skates, because the wheels are down the center of the boots bottom in a straight line. In-line skates have heel stops rather than toe stops, yet the lace up boot tops are just like quad skates, and they vary in the number of wheels, four or five, as well as placement of the wheels.

In-line roller skating is done on roads, sidewalks, special tracks and other areas that are set aside for roller blading, which is what you call roller skating that is done on inline skates, rather than on quad skates.

Events hosted for artistic roller skating include a number of attractions. Skaters may perform figures, they may perform dance routines and they may perform freestyle. This freestyle performance will likely add jumps and spins that are choreographed just like the dancing routines but with the added degree of difficulty. Artistic roller skating is a sporting competition that continues on from local competitions to nine regional competitions, and these competitions lead to the National and World Championships.

Roller skating has its own organizations aside from its place in traditional sporting competitions, you can also even find a roller skating museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Group roller skating is a popular social activity, groups can meet in various cities to enjoy their sport together, usually skating on the city streets. This type of social recreation spread from the United States, in the late 1990's to Europe and Eastern Asia.

There are many cities around the world that host skating events today. Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Buenos Aires, New York, Paris and Tokyo all sponsor roller skating events.

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