The Different Types Of Skin Disorders In Your World

Published: 26th September 2008
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People all over the world suffer from different skin disorders at some time in life. Skin disorders refer to any kind of problem related to the skin. It can lead to irritation and sometimes is quite painful for the sufferers. There are numerous types of skin disorders an it is quite difficult to list them. Skin disorders have been divided into categories like inflammatory skin disorders, viral skin problems, bacterial skin problems, skin cancer, and fungal infections.

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Inflammatory skin disorders are those in which there are lesions and rashes on the skin. This leads to irritation and inflammation of the skin which is quite painful for the sufferer. acne, eczema/Dermatitis, Sebaceous cysts, diaper rash and Psoriasis are some examples of inflammatory skin disorders. People who suffer from Eczema have very red skin with rashes, itching, blisters and swelling. All this symptoms are not necessarily present in all people suffering from it. Children usually suffer from this disorder and it is very painful for them. But the best thing about it is they usually get over this disorder as they grow up. Diaper rash is the rash which babies suffer on their bottom and they range from mild to severe. In case of severe disorders doctors usually prescribe some medication which cures the babies. Sebaceous cysts are blocked gland which turns tender if infected. This is not painful.

Viral skin disorders can cause scarring if not treated on time and they are usually temporary. Viral skin disorder consists of Chicken pox, Herpes simplex virus (Type 1), Herpes simplex virus (Type 2), Measles, Warts etc. A person can suffer from chicken pox during childhood as well as later in life. Chicken pox causes red blisters to pop on the skin accompanied by the urge to scratch them. This virus acquires a very painful form if it recurs later on and it causes water filled blisters to form which take their own time to heal. A person having herpes type 1 gets small, clear, blisters which are full of water and this mostly turns up on the lips. This virus spreads through personal contact with infected person or from sharing cups and such other things. Measles is a highly infectious disease which is accompanied by fever, cough and skin rash.

Bacterial skin disorders include Folliculitis - also called barber's itch and Impetigo. A person suffering from folliculitis has damaged hair follicles which when infected with bacteria can lead to pimples or skin rashes near the infection. One infected area can cause the infection to become widespread. Impetigo is also a very contagious infection normally found in children. It is easy to treat bacterial infections as antibiotics generally cure them.

Fungal infections consist of athlete's foot, Candida and ringworm. Athlete's foot infection is usually found on the hands and the feet in the form of blisters, accompanied with itching and burning. Candida occurs in the genital area and the armpits as it needs warm and moist areas. Ringworm infection shows up as ring shaped rashes on the skin which causes a lot of itching. It can be cured by taking proper medication.

Another skin disorder is skin cancer and it consists of basal cell cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. It is a fact that majority of skin cancers are basal cell cancers where only the upper skin is affected. Squamous cell carcinoma affects the middle layers of the skin and the symptoms are the same as basal cell cancer. Melanoma is a very rare form of cancer but the most deadly. It attacks the cells which produce skin color and spreads very fast.

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