What Is A Hematoma? Your Questions Answered!

Published: 01st October 2008
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A hematoma is blood that is outside the blood vessels but inside your body. You have seen plenty of hematomas when you fall down and the next day your knees are black and blue, that's a hematoma. In this case, it is blood that you can see beneath your skin that causes the bruise.

For more information on this, the internet has some great medical resources out there today. One I recommend is VideoJug, where Gary Brazina M.D. discusses the issue of 'What Is A Hematoma?'.

The hematoma goes through stages of healing - at first there is the blood leaking from the vessels, often from some kind of trauma such as a fall, an accident, or even some form of violence. The blood vessels heal and the body begins to absorb the blood. When the hematoma is close to the skin, it first appears as the classic 'black and blue' of a fresh bruise. Over time, the bruise changes colors to a green and brown and finally it disappears.

For example, if you pound your finger with a hammer (ouch!), you are likely to get a hematoma beneath your fingernail, also proving that hematomas can be all over the body.

And overall, the only cure for a hematoma is time - it just takes time for the body to reabsorb the blood that has leaked out. Just remember to visit the emergency room if you have any concerns about a hematoma.

Indeed, in many cases a hematoma is a minor nuisance - it is ugly and you probably have pain at its site and around it. But there are times when a hematoma is dangerous. For example, if you have had a stent placed in a blood vessel and shortly thereafter you experience a hematoma, that is dangerous because it means that there is possibly leakage of blood where they opened the vessel to put in the stent. In that case, get to an emergency room.

Another time when a hematoma is a problem is when the person has a problem with blood clotting, either through hemophilia or through the medications they are taking. Medications to help people with peripheral artery disease or high blood pressure often reduce the ability of blood to clot, which means a lot more blood might be leaked from blood vessels during a bruising. Some nutritional supplements also contribute to bleeding, such as vitamin E and fish oil.

We are used to seeing a hematoma just beneath the skin, but they can also occur internally where they are not so easily detected. That, too, can be dangerous because a hematoma is essentially a hemorrhage. Sometimes internal hematomas have to be removed by surgery if they fail to heal.

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This article is very informative on the subject of hematoma. It helps people to understand that the only cure is to wait for it to heal. It is a veryinteresting read.

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